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About Us

Who We Are:

Body Buster Kids is a leading name in youth fitness programs, passionately dedicated to instilling a love for active living in children and youth. Founded with the vision of creating healthier and happier generations, we offer dynamic fitness experiences that combine fun, education, and empowerment. With a team of certified instructors and a commitment to fostering lifelong healthy habits, we have become a trusted partner for parents and educators seeking to nurture a culture of wellness in the younger generation.

Body Buster Kids participants will take part in various fitness modatlities and training which include cicuit training, obstacle courses, fitness games, interval training, core training, agility training, drills, stretching and much, much more! Kids will also learn how to perform exercises correctly, setting the stage for safe, and knowlegable training going forward into their future. 

Our Mission:

Our mission at Body Buster Kids is simple yet profound: to inspire, educate, and empower children and youth to lead active, healthy lives. We believe that physical fitness is the foundation of well-being, and by making fitness enjoyable and accessible, we can equip our future leaders with the tools they need to thrive physically and mentally.

Our Statement:

At Body Buster Kids, we believe in the transformative power of fitness. We aim to create a world where every child embraces the joy of movement, where they develop self-confidence, resilience, and a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our programs are designed to make fitness a lifelong adventure, promoting not only physical strength but also mental fortitude, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.

Why We're Doing What We're Doing:

We are driven by a deep commitment to the well-being of the younger generation. In an era where sedentary lifestyles and screen time are on the rise, we recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive youth fitness program that combines fun and education. We want to counter the health challenges that today's children face and replace them with opportunities for growth and vitality. Our motivation stems from the belief that every child deserves the chance to discover their physical potential, develop self-esteem, and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of well-being. Together, with parents, educators, and communities, we are shaping a healthier, happier future for our children.

Body Buster Kids Fitness Classes​

Body Buster Kids Fitness Classes image widget
Body Buster Kids Fitness Classes image widget

Year Round Training

Our Body Buster Kids Fitness classes offer an invigorating and dynamic 45-minute fitness experience that will keep your child active and engaged all year round. From May to October, our outdoor sessions provide the perfect opportunity for kids to soak up the sun, breathe in fresh air, and have a blast with our fitness challenges, games, and activities. As autumn arrives and winter sets in, we seamlessly transition indoors from October to May, ensuring a comfortable and climate-controlled environment where children can continue their fitness journey without interruption. Our programs operates on a unique schedule, running for four weeks at a time with one week break in between each throughout the entire registration seasson. This schedule allows for consistency and progress tracking, helping kids develop endurance, strength, and valuable life skills while having a ton of fun. Join us in cultivating a year-round habit of health and fitness for your child!

45 Minute Fitness

In each action-packed 45-minute Body Buster Kids Fitness class, we tailor our approach to suit the unique needs and energy levels of children and youth. Our sessions are carefully curated to provide a well-rounded fitness experience that includes warm-ups, dynamic exercises, teamwork challenges, and cool-downs. We believe in making fitness fun, so expect exciting games and activities that not only get hearts pumping but also foster social interaction and teamwork. Whether it's running obstacle courses, practicing yoga poses, or competing in friendly races, every class is designed to keep kids engaged while improving their physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility. Over the course of our program, children will see a transformation in their confidence and stamina as they develop a strong foundation for lifelong fitness and well-being. It's not just about staying active; it's about nurturing a love for movement that will serve them throughout their lives.

Learn To Be Healthy

Educating kids about health and fitness is paramount in shaping a future where well-being takes center stage. Beyond the obvious physical advantages, such knowledge instills lifelong habits that positively impact every facet of a child's life. It empowers them with the tools to make informed choices about nutrition, exercise, and self-care. These lessons not only promote physical health but also bolster mental resilience and self-esteem, reducing the risk of obesity and related health issues while enhancing cognitive function. Furthermore, teaching kids about fitness fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and the ability to set and achieve goals—essential skills for personal growth. Ultimately, this education not only ensures a healthier childhood but paves the way for a brighter, more confident, and more capable adulthood.
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